Monday, April 26, 2010

Yes, it's true: George W. Bush autobiography to be called DECISION POINTS.

Presuming someone advised George Butch, Jr. aka George W. Bush that titling an autobiography DECISION POINTS is a good idea reminiscent of Richard Nixon's book SIX CRISES.

A better title for the Bush book: PLUGGING MY EARS WITH CEMENT.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Franklin Graham--son of Billy--disinvited from Pentagon Prayer Day for calling Islam "evil" and saying Christ died for their sins.

Obviously the above isn't suprising since Billy Graham (father of Franklin) had his prejudices (anti-Semitism being one--such as this conversation with then-President Richard Nixon in 1972:

Also remembering Franklin Graham's appearance at the funeral for the high-school students
murdered at Columbine eleven years ago. Not much compassion shown--instead Franklin regarded it as another evangelistic opportunity whistle-stop.

[UPDATE 4/26/10: The timing of this seems like a "get-Franklin-out-of-the-secular-news-cycle" moment:]

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sharing a letter to owner of the Ugly Mug in Orange, CA.

Dear Phil,
A few years back, I went to one of the Wednesday poetry readings--something I did for about four years' worth.

I was upset with Steve, the co-host and you reprimanded me for it outside.
I was rude to you and said a couple of four-letter words in anger.

You told me to never come back.
I'm really sorry to have treated a hard-working person
like you with no respect at all. And I've not been back since.

Can I please ask you to forgive me
so I could come back to see
the Wednesday poetry readings again?
Am over fifty now
and have much better manners
and impulse control than I used to.
Please write back and let me know
if this is acceptable to you.

Terry McCarty

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Malcolm McLaren's life and death as interpreted by The Rooster From Wooster.

After a recent sort-of-detente on my part regarding Victor Infante's pop culture writings, I printed the above link so readers could enjoy a sort of one-dimensional portrait of controversial music impresario Malcolm McLaren--who left the Earth last week at the age of 64.

Get a load of the following passage (with some highlighting by me):
"But, yeah. I guess I have a bit of a fascination with rock's abrasive, manipulative, behind-the-scenes figures, the ones who know how to sell the music and are neither afraid nor ashamed to. Of course, I prefer them from a distance, as I can never stand people like that in real life, but perhaps, in the shaping of culture, there's both room and occasional need for the public asshole. Maybe a few evils really are necessary, as unpleasant as that seems. It's never a simple equation, is it? Art is much more complicated than that, as are people."

Having been on the receiving end of an upbraiding by Victor "I will not engage you" Infante the culture-shaping commando, I'm curious if he paused to recognize any inherent ironies when writing the above.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm sorry for what I did; please let this punishment end.

Since it's National Poetry Month, I'd like to publicly wish for Steve Ramirez and Ben Trigg to allow me to again be a patron of their Wednesday readings at the Ugly Mug [in Orange, CA]. I misbehaved one time in 2004 and have been 86ed by them plus the owner since. I'm sorry that the incident happened and will never repeat it in the ...future. In the interest of true poetry community, please lift this lengthy ban on my attendance.

[UPDATE 4/9/10: The above was posted to my Facebook page; copies were sent to Steve and Ben privately. Silence. So I added the following to the original Facebook message:
Sad to see silence regarding the above statement. It's National Poetry Month; perhaps some kind of forgiveness and/or amnesty should be shown in poetry communities throughout the nation. Otherwise, we sound rather hollow and inauthentic when using the phrase "the poetry community." ]

[UPDATE 4/17/10: Still banned from the Ugly Mug. No end in sight.]

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Taylor Hackford's LOVE RANCH--either a third act or a coda to Joe Pesci's film career.,39858/

Having worked as Joe Pesci's stand-in over a two-year stretch in the 90s (THE PUBLIC EYE, LETHAL WEAPON 3, JIMMY HOLLYWOOD), I'd like to see him get one more bite at the apple in the sense of being appreciated as an actor.

Take a look at THE PUBLIC EYE and Pesci's cameo in A BRONX TALE if you don't think he's capable of subtlety and nuance.

Monday, April 5, 2010

In honor of National Poetry Month, two tributes to the late performance poet Jack Shafer.

If you liked the above examples of Jack's work, there will be the annual Jack Shafer tribute on Friday, April 16th at 8:30 p.m. at The Rapp Saloon in Santa Monica, CA.

Some recordings of Jack reading his poems will be played--plus "cover versions" from other L.A. community poets.