Sunday, August 26, 2007

The most vapid, profit-conscious man in television news: Dan Abrams.

MSNBC has now repositioned itself from two earlier incarnations as Earnest Yuppie Newscast and FOX NEWS clone to opinionated centrist network (with more opinions than actual reporting, since that might cost NBCUniversal some money) run by Dan Abrams, a man who looks like a cross between Steve Carell and the Eddie Haskell character from LEAVE IT TO BEAVER.

Keith Olbermann's COUNTDOWN show can occasionally offer some left-of-center opinion counterweight (when not going for easy laughs re "wacky" news and YouTube footage and making celeb silliness the Number One story), but Abrams also pads the channel with crappy prison documentaries, DATELINE predator episodes on their umpteenth run and encourages the female anchors (including former MTV/ABC employee Allison Stewart) to mug and smirk.

And who will ever manage to forget the spectacularly awful "get to know me" ad running now with anchorperson (and Courtney Cox Arquette lookalike) Contessa Brewer singing karaoke in a NYC bar?

Thanks, Dan.  Keep it up.

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