Saturday, May 18, 2019


we luxuriate in insulation from reality
confident of being too rich and/or too white
to suffer from separation of families,
raids by police or ICE,
imprisonment in various kinds of holding areas
once known as concentration camps
we don’t talk much about impeachment 
in our crisp four-dimensional suburb
except to regard it as mere gnat buzz
because it’s more important 
to complain on social media
that Robert Pattinson as Batman
or the final season of GAME OF THRONES 
should be overruled, nullified, invalidated
while the dangerous President 
is allowed to finish his term

reality doesn’t suit our lifestyle 

Friday, May 17, 2019

Revised Older Poem: FOR POET ANONYMOUS

“It’s better to be king for a night
than schmuck for a lifetime.”—
line written by Paul D. Zimmerman
for Martin Scorsese’s  THE KING OF COMEDY

Once you had time for nobodies like me.
Hell, I even liked/respected you enough to 
give you a lift in downtown Austin 
when we were both participants in
a poetry festival eighteen years ago.

But you wanted to be appreciated by the right people.
And I went through a phase in my life
where I was too easily angered by
the right people openly despising the wrong people 
instead of realizing what I couldn't change
and what others didn't want to change--
and going about my business.

So I became enraged at you in a public place
when you were surrounded by the people
you never wanted to be separated from.

And I--
in just over a minute--
built a wall between us
far too high to ever be breached.
Eventually, I stopped trying to
either beg for a clean slate
or continue being frustrated
over your relentless resolve
to keep miscreants like me
out of future poetry conversations.

I acknowledge I hurt you
with my belligerence and wrath.
And all I can do now 
is to write this poem
from permanent exile
and keep going about my business.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Mel Gibson’s current career, explained.

Marina Hyde via THE GUARDIAN:  
Mel Gibson not only has a slate of talked-about projects on the go – despite his numerous racist, sexist, homophobic, violence-threatening, violence-admitting, Holocaust-questioning meltdowns over the years – but that this particular one sees him play the paterfamilias of the “Rothchild” family, an astronomically rich New York clan.  
Over to Mel’s spokesman [Alan Nierob]who delivers one of the more shameless statements I have seen, even in his line of work: “‘Rothchild’ is not about the actual Rothschild family,” this ran, “and the only similarities between the two are that they are wealthy and their names are similar.”
Right. Totally. Imagine the misfortune of the movie-makers landing on the epicentre of this particular antisemitic trope, changing one letter in a way that, arguably, makes the point even more sledgehammer, and then casting Mel Actual Gibson in it. What are the chances? You simply can’t legislate for unforeseeable sensitivities.
“Whatever has happened in the past it doesn’t seem to affect his international value at all,” mused the producer of one of the star’s new projects this week, before delivering perhaps the most deathlessly understated verdict on Mel Gibson. “He might be a little polarising on some things.”

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Revised Older Poem: 1% POEM

you dug a trench in the sand

filled it with swamp water,

threw in lobsters, crabs,

snakes of all sizes

and electric eels

all of this prohibitive excess

to make damn sure

no unwashed

unwanted people

could share with you


on your property

people eat large slices

of an endangered world

(no sustainability allowed)

while the rest of us

wonder why

you felt justified in

disfiguring a public beach

by digging a trench in the sand

Monday, May 6, 2019

Revised Recent Poem: After Being Told Not To Work

there are things to miss
about the old job:
the friends glad to see you
most of them empathizing
agreeing with every lunchtime vent
about changes in policy
and how things used to be more efficient
bid a definite farewell
to superficial colleagues
courteous to you only until promotion
then they don’t have to care
or even speak to you anymore
clean out the desk
fill the box
inter it at public storage
learn to cope with no deadlines
plus entire days where you feel like
you’re getting used to
at least one phantom limb