Wednesday, October 17, 2007

One more day for the Random List Entry motif.

Here's another day of homages to Larry King-style free association.

1. I watched Olbermann and saw a clip from the Larry "I'm not gay" Craig interview with Matt Lauer.  Perhaps I might be wrong, but I saw Lauer (who once played golf with George Butch Sr.) roll his eyes as Craig gave off the odor of self-righteousness and kept rattling off his "as long as my vote counts for the party, I'm not resigning" schtick.

2. It's obvious that Borders, like all good corporate bookstores, needs to sell mass quantities of books that are intended as Preordained Bestsellers.  But I'm currently reading the book SCHULZ AND PEANUTS--the biography of cartoonist Charles M. Schulz--and it's amazing that a Borders e-mail ad is trying to sell it as escapist entertainment.  The book is actually a fascinating and sad tale of an inhibited man who only really came to life when creating Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, Linus, et al at his drawing board.  Inevitably, Schulz faltered when it came to sustaining relationships with real people.

Sounds like a laugh riot that will appeal to those who buy PEANUTS comic strip compliations, doesn't it?

3. Having read about the Ellen DeGeneres-passing-dog-to-member-of-staff mess, I can't help but say that the dog adoption agency's rigidity in terms of taking the dog away from the staff member and her children is a perfect example of California behavior (both business and social)--think in abstract, these-are-the-rules terms, ignore the human factor and nurse your anger over being criticized in a public forum.



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