Wednesday, January 14, 2009

60s TV icon Patrick McGoohan and 70s TV icon Ricardo Montalban: RIP.

Here's an obit from AOL:

Some additions to the above:
DANGER MAN was known in the U.S. as SECRET AGENT--inspiring the Johnny Rivers hit "Secret Agent Man."
THE PRISONER is being remade as a cable series with Jim Caviezel (in McGoohan's role) and Sir Ian McKellan.

And here's a preliminary obit for Ricardo Montalban, known as an MGM contract player in the 1950s and a key supporting actor in episodes of the STAR TREK/PLANET OF THE APES/SPY KIDS theatrical film series:,0,7457363.story. Montalban is probably best known for playing Mr. Roarke on the long-running ABC series FANTASY ISLAND.

Also, Montalban played a key role in the advancement of Latino theatre in Los Angeles.

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