Friday, September 25, 2009

Mackenzie and Susan--aging boomer celebs selling their memories.

I'm guilty of being part of a flock of sheep.

I bought the Mackenzie Phillips book at Target a couple of days ago--not necessarily to read about the book's Big Revelation of alleged (and it should be treated as alleged, rather than 100% actual) incest with her father John Phillips, but to learn her views about more mundane matters such as her film/TV career.

And her fellow-celeb-who-needs-a-revenue-stream Susan Olsen is now giving the world a tell-all book about THE BRADY BUNCH VARIETY HOUR, of all things.

Perhaps it's the first of a trilogy with forthcoming tell-alls about other failed BRADY BUNCH
spinoffs such as THE BRADY BRIDES (sitcom) and THE BRADYS (drama).

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