Thursday, December 24, 2009

My LA/OC Poets of the Decade list.

Not in any specific order; a list of local poets (and people affiliated with poetry) who, by their presence (and, in some cases, absence), shaped the Southern California scene over the past decade:
1. Suzanne Lummis
2. Steve Ramirez/Ben Trigg
3. Mifanwy Kaiser/Paul Suntup
4. Kerry Slattery
5. Larry Jaffe
6. G. Murray Thomas
7. Richard Beban
8. Larry Colker
9. francEyE
10. Scott Wannberg
11. Rick Lupert
12. Teka Lark Lo/Randall Fleming
13. Don Kingfisher Campbell
14, Rafael FJ Alvarado
15. Pete Justus and all the past and present Rapp Saloon hosts
16. Jack Shafer
17. Ron Dvorkin
18. Marie Lecrivain
19. Peggy Dobreer
20. Kate Gale
21, RD Raindog Armstrong
22. EC Carlye Archibeque
23. Amelie Frank
24. Tom Ianniello
25. Donn Deedon/Heather Long
26. Jerry Garcia
27. Jaimes Palacio
28. Lee Mallory


  1. Dear Terry,

    Thank you so much for including me on your list. I feel most honored. It was especially good to Jack's name on there. More than well deserved. I can still hear him going on about Bob and snapping and rapping.


  2. Oh I didn't mean to forget about Donn. He is and was most cherished.

  3. Thank you, Terry, for reminding us of dear Donn Deedon and how much he meant to L.A. poets. I count myself fortunate just to have met him.

    And thank you for including Larry and Kingfisher, two genuine poetry hosts whose readings enrich the community artistically and are always an event.