Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rosanne Cash--tight-lipped conscious artiste--on her new autobiography.,0,628983.story

Salient passages from Randy Lewis' on-bended-knee profile of Ms. Cash:
"It's just not in my nature to air grievances in public — I find the whole trend deeply appalling," Cash, 55, said during a swing through the Southland recently that included readings and book signings at a couple of area stores.

I had a great model in my father about this very thing," Cash says. She flew to Paris in 2005 upon the release of the James Mangold-directed biopic "Walk the Line." Despite the wide acclaim Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon received for their portrayals of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash, Rosanne recoiled from the film's Hollywood-style portrayal of her mother — Johnny Cash's first wife — Vivian Liberto.

"My father could be incredibly self-destructive and in a lot of psychic pain, and he would never, ever, ever blame anyone else — or purposely hurt someone, or take it out on someone," she said. "To me that defines integrity."

Shame on me.  I'm too human, not as self-consciously artistic as Ms. Cash--and I can't afford to fly off to Paris just because I don't want deal with pesky journalists asking about the real Johnny Cash versus the biopic WALK THE LINE.

Rephrasing the last phrase above: I can't afford to fly to Paris anytime I have to face something difficult.  I just stay home and deal with it--or fail to deal with it--like the other plebians Ms. Cash seems (to my mind) to want to briskly avoid in her comfortable life.

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