Thursday, September 2, 2010

New poem: NO, I DON'T HAVE CHILDREN (and if I did....)


And I know cats don't count.

And I also know that I don't
live where I once grew up

and don't feel hardwired to

guard my nonexistent children
against the evils of technology,

entertainment and too-independent thinking.

I find it fascinating

that my generation

when they got their chance to run things

have kept drilling young people

in pledging unquestioning obedience

to national and state flags.

Even the just-as-conservative generation

who ran things when I was a youngster

didn't insist on repeating the pledge of allegiance

all the time over the schools' PA systems.

Maybe they respected children more

and weren't so afraid.

And I remember that

the generation that ran things

even before I was old enough

to go to school

managed to integrate

the Electra, TX school system

several years before

neighboring city Wichita Falls did.

No one wants to trust young people anymore.

Yes, they may not want to conform

to your version of a "good Christian."

They may convert to Judaism, Islam, Latter-Day Saints--

or, gasp--Atheism.

They may never share your values

or your politics 100%.

But you shouldn't love them any less.

And you should give them some credit for understanding

by easing up on robotic indocrination.

Trust that they'll remember some of

what you pass along to them.

And don't ever fail to love them no matter what happens.

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