Friday, July 15, 2011

New poem: L.A. CARMAGIDEON TIME (inspired by The Clash)

[AUTHOR'S NOTE 7/20/11: This poem was written to satirize the dire warnings of automotive bumper-to-bumper chaos--that didn't happen--during the much-hyped "Carmageddon" weekend of July 15-17 when a portion of the 405 Freeway was closed from Sherman Oaks to West L.A.]

stay around don't play around

this old town

and you'll find yourself stuck stuck stuck

in an endless car-to-car line

and you won't get to travel on

a lot of people won't get home early tonight

a lot of people will honk their horns tonight

a lot of people will raise their middle fingers tonight

tempers will get hotter

and people will really feel put upon

during L.A. Carmagideon Time

a lot of cars jammed on short-cut routes tonight

a lot of people thinking they're injusticed tonight

they're not going to kick it over

no one will guide them--

it's L.A. Carmagideon Time

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