Monday, April 30, 2012

Guilty of watching CELEBRITY APPRENTICE this season..

Yes, I condemned it as a cartoon graveyard awhile back, but I admit to again watching THE CELEBRITY APPRENTICE in its again-stretched-to-two-hour-episodes 2012 season.

And last night Donald Trump fired his walking/talking conflict of interest Dayana Mendoza--Miss Universe (and the Miss Universe pageant is now controlled by the Trump empire).

I felt a bit sorry for Ms. Mendoza as Clay Aiken (in what seemed to be a semi-staged outburst) objected to her trying to tell him what to do (since she was the Project Manager for her team) by referring to himself as a "grown-ass man."

But at least the show benefits some deserving charities.

I also hope these organizations overlook the occasions of sexism, wooden line-readings from Eric Trump and one unfortunate comment a few episodes back--a "joke" about waterboarding a contestant to get information from that person.

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