Monday, May 7, 2012

Blogger Ned Merrill on the "Sunshine Noir" genre.

Good essay--plus original one sheet posters--on what Ned Merrill of the Obscure One-Sheet blog describes as the "Sunshine Noir" genre of 1980s films with baby boomers/yuppies as the principal characters.

Though it's not a well-known film today, I'd count Jeremy Paul Kagan's THE BIG FIX (1978) with Richard Dreyfuss as private eye Moses Wine (based on a character created by novelist/conservative commentator Roger Simon) as a precursor to "Sunshine Noir."

And Robert Towne's flawed but beautifully-shot-by-Conrad Hall TEQUILA SUNRISE (1988) with Mel Gibson, Kurt Russell and Michelle Pfeiffer serves as the genre's coda.

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