Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Another prescient post from a poetry veteran.

Quoting Bowerbird Intelligentleman from a CobaltPoets listserve 2004 post.  In its original context, Mr. Intelligentleman was talking about (what I feel was) a larger and more diverse "poetry community", where poets could find eventual approval if they put in the work of actually supporting other poets and readings instead of showing up only when they had features.

Today's community is a bit smaller and more precise in its likes/dislikes/expectations, so the quote is relevant to SoCal poetry in 2012 (highlighting by me):
"...if you want to get noticed by the weekly's "in-crowd",
start taking workshops from some of them and kiss their ass.
oh yeah, you'll have to sever your ties with the "crap" poets too.
after a few years of that, they will start throwing you crumbs.
after years of _that_, you might make as much money as them.
it might sound crass, but there is no other way they'll notice you."

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