Thursday, January 24, 2013

JJ Abrams adds STAR WARS to his resume.

Commenter "jchrisfg" from the HOLLYWOOD ELSEWHERE site has this observation to make re the Disney announcement of STAR WARS franchise caretaker earlier today:
 Abrams is in the circumstances a safe, generic and conservative move for the franchise. However flawed Lucas' prequel trilogy is, it has seeds of great movies in them, and some fantastic mythical images and visions that unfortunately don't work in narrative forms as-is.

Abrams' film will probably have better beats for general audiences, but apart from some character names, it will have nothing to do with the original franchise and I'm afraid it will just be a generic, forgettable science-fiction film of the 2010's.
Adding my opinion to the above: Abrams is 1 for 1 for film franchise revitalization.  The last two MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE films were good, but STAR TREK basically flipped  a bird in the direction of Gene Roddenberry's gravesite--proving to be the kind of generic, forgettable film the HE commenter referred to above.
A further heresy: Abrams' SUPER 8--paying homage to Steven Spielberg and, arguably, Joe Dante, is superior to the STAR TREK reboot .  Awaiting brickbats for this  decidedly non-fanboy opinion.

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