Friday, February 15, 2013

Really uncomfortable when poets say "I'm better than you!"

Something I read earlier on Facebook, reprinted here: This Friday, don't miss "So Bad It's Funny" a reading of (intentionally) bad poetry by the famous and infamous and anyone with the guts to read their own! There will be featured bits by [poets' names redacted] and [redacted] as emcee and reader of arcane but ridiculous verse. It's all happening at [Los Angeles poetry venue name redacted.]

I'll say this one more time: I really hate the idea of "intentionally bad" poetry, whether it's intended for an evening of laughs such as the above event--or used as a Wergle Flomp-esque bludgeon over the metaphoric cranium of "we'll take your money" poetry contests/expensive-see-yourself-in-our-book scams.

Poetry communities have enough difficulty as it is with members who perceive themselves as superior poets/people exercising dominion over their supposed inferiors.

So, please, cut it out before the world of poetry becomes so small that those considering themselves Brilliant are all which remain--and they begin destroying each other in lieu of laughing/ignoring alleged "bad poets" to death.

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