Saturday, April 13, 2013


was it that long ago
when the poet rulers
spun a successful illusion
based on the Mark Twain quote
that goes something like:
"The really great make you believe
one day you too can be great"
if only it could be true
it certainly wasn't true then
but at least the poetry tent
was large enough
where open mike regulars
didn't feel like complete losers
if they didn't conform
to certain hosts' templates
of talent and status
now I see people
come and go
to and from
formerly egalitarian coffeehouses
talking to truly true friends
and the air-kiss folks
some poets just know
have their backs
when they submit poems,
small press manuscripts
and beg (without
looking too needy)
for the privilege of
getting a slot
at a group reading
happy national poetry month
to you temperate gladiators out there
may a few of your dreams come true
but hopefully not
at the expense of others

1 comment:

  1. How does this qualify as a poem? Just because you used enjambment? Buddy, use some figurative language, assonance, alliteration. Something. This is more of a rant.