Saturday, June 1, 2013

No pro-and-con disputes on Monsanto allowed on CobaltPoets list.

Rick Lupert takes the floor:
I'd like to ask once again that this conversation be taken elsewhere. The Cobalt Poets email list is open to anything revolving around poetry, poetry events, , poetry announcements and any civil conversation regarding issues of poetry.

Thanks in advance for not responding to this email or any future emails to this list on the topic below.

[I was out of the country on vacation, so I came to this dispute on CobaltPoets' Yahoogroups list only a few minutes ago.
But I'll butt in and say that--even if the topic inspires heated and sometimes ill-considered remarks--topics such as Monsanto and its practices pro-and-con should get a discussion on a poetry listserve, for the sake of those who write poems about topics that aren't intended for workshops/MFA classes.
Someone like Phil Ochs would have a tough time on some of today's poetry listserves.]

CODA (6/3/13): The CobaltPoets Yahoogroups archives are now blocked to non-members.

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