Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Anthony Weiner sexting scandal Part Two: "Carlos Danger" on Twitter.


Now, a random list of tweets related to Anthony Weiner's "Carlos Danger" alias:
"Carlos Danger"? The jokes were too easy when you were just "Tony Weiner." I can't. I just can't.--Patton Oswalt

"Who is this 'Carlos Danger'? I like the cut of his jib." Geraldo Rivera--Gerard Mulligan

For Halloween this year, I'll be going as Bun E. Carlos Danger. Just need to figure out the appropriate props.--Alan Sepinwall

Anthony Weiner steps to the mike at his inaugural, pauses. "Today...we are ALL Carlos Danger!!" The place goes nuts.--Ken Jennings

If the were to be named "Carlos Danger", this would be the greatest news day of all time. !--Rainn Wilson

Carlos Danger sounds like Archer's nemesis for next season.--Brian Reed

wait, is Carlos Danger the nickname for Anthony's weiner? look what happens when I do actual work all day.--Sarah Jaffe

And finally:
Eliot Spitzer would like to thank Carlos Danger for taking the heat off him for the day.--
Joeanna Sayler

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