Monday, September 30, 2013

Visit the alternate universe blaming Harry Reid--rather than GOP obstructionism--for government shutdown.

Some examples from the above link:
Now that Harry Reid shut it down government, the Stay Puft man is going to walk through New York.--Dana Loesch, conservative pundit

Democrats want to kill the TeaParty. They know gov't run media will lay blame upon them & the statist GOP will pile on--Victor Nikki

Why is it ok for Pres Obama to stand on principal but not ok for GOP?--Representative Jeff Duncan

because he's fine w/ forcing Americans to purchase what he has exempted himself and his minions from!--Jennifer McFarlane

HarryReidsShutdown because they could care less about what Americans truly want!!!!!--Andrew

Harry Reid would rather shutdown the government than have an honest debate about how Obamacare is ruining our economy.--Amanda Carpenter

Will Michelle Obama tell me to drink water when thirsty pro bono?--Rufus Kings

STOP SAYING most are blaming Republicans for ! NOT TRUE! Reid is ARROGANT NAZI SCUMBAG! --Debra Pianalto

The choice is clear: Shut down the thing that is shutting down America by --Representative Jeff Duncan

This is another step by the Kenyan to turn America into a 3rd World Country. What a shame. --Dan Freeman

And finally, as rebuttal to the above:
Don't like a law? Defund and disobey it. Blame someone else for your recalcitrance. All better now. Stay strong, Harry.--Gail James

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