Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Shia LeBeouf: acting out or performance art?

Here's a link to James Franco's NEW YORK TIMES Op-Ed on fellow thespian Shia LaBeouf:

As a simpler counterpart to Mr. Franco's observation, here's a poem I wrote in 2008, around the time Shia LaBeouf was getting press for more typical young actor behavior such as a car accident in Los Angeles:


inside you're John Lennon
but they want you to be Paul McCartney

Spielberg depends on you
Paramount depends on you
Michael Bay really depends on you

you know the laws
of Show Business by heart:
be reliable
and don't make
your coworkers nervous

remember to not be rude
to your fans

and tell Megan Fox
hello for me
when you're on the set

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