Thursday, March 6, 2014

COMMUNITY and poetry communities.

Below, I've included a small portion of Todd VanDerWerff's AV CLUB review of the latest COMMUNITY episode titled "App Development and Condiments."  The episode focuses on social media (with a side order of futuristic dystopia parody--including a gag referencing Sean Connery's costume in John Boorman's ZARDOZ).

[The episode is] also, belatedly, about the idea that revolutionaries almost inevitably replace the system they long to overthrow with something that can be just as—if not more so—oppressive, because people are people and have a tendency to overcorrect for past errors (and become corrupted by power).

In Southern California (at least), the "revolutionaries" of poetry overthrew a system which (they believed) brought too many "bad" poets/comics/storytellers to the table in order to create a franchise of readings which mostly pay homage to the defunct Hyperpoets reading at Venice CA's Rose Café.  So, fewer readings, fewer poets--but "better" ones, as the Cultural Commandos see it.

Here's a link to the complete VanDerWerff review:

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