Thursday, September 18, 2014

Re festival-related poetry bookings: this is where I came in.

Eleven years ago, I dared to be impolitic and mention how a poetry reading linked to a certain festival  in a certain part of Los Angeles was too loaded with friends of the curator.

I was criticized for that--and made the cliche "getting hot under the collar" mistake of responding in a not-nice manner.

Eleven years later, there will be an upcoming poetry reading linked to another festival in a different part of Los Angeles with what seems to be a circle of friends set to feature (though one talented male poet is making a rare recent appearance--and, for a change, an up-and-coming male poet gets to be part of the occasion).  Ironic to point out that two of the features that day are apparently poets that Los Angeles can't get enough of--particularly since they are on a bill this Sunday with a former poet/comedienne who has successfully reinvented herself as a memoirist.

Actually, I'm resigned to not participating in these soirees except as an open-mic reader if I were to attend.

But it bears repeating that certain sectors of our local community don't care a bit to analyze the meaning and implications of the word "overexposure."

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