Thursday, March 19, 2015


sometimes instant outrage
can be a good thing
when directed at targets less easy
than misbehaving celebrities
case in point:
the San Francisco Archdiocese
drenching homeless people
to drive them from sanctified property
[interrupting this poem for
a message from the Archdiocese:
go away, weary dirty people
we aren't patient like Jesus
you'll get no rest here
Christian charity, what's that?
it's 2015
and the new San Francisco
is a plush parlor, bedroom and bath
for the Secular Saints of Silicon Valley]
instant outrage
led to the Church apologizing
and promising to withdraw
the sprinkle-people system
meanwhile, the news anchor
on a Los Angeles independent station
introduces this story
with the words
"creative ways of dealing with
the homeless problem"

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