Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hello from London 2015

This post will be constructed in listicle format:
ONE There's a lot of building and/or renovation in London.
TWO Apparently this is due to the further ultra-gentrification going on for the rich
who can still afford to live here.
THREE Today is the National Election where Tory David Cameron hopes to be re-elected as Prime Minister.
FOUR The liberal Labour Party challenger Ed Miliband is being demonized as Weird because he apparently believes in not demonizing the middle-class and poor.
FIVE Britain still seems to be high on Angela Merkel Austerity--meaning that National Health may be facing cuts, but not all the building and rebuilding to appeal to the rich.
SIX Some people are resorting to living on small houseboats in order to cling to life in London.
SEVEN Get ready for Chicken Little-styled hysteria in European/US press if Ed Miliband becomes the next Prime Minister.

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