Friday, October 9, 2015

Regarding Bill Cosby and THE COSBY SHOW.

Now that Keshia Knight Pulliam and Malcolm-Jamal Warner have taken the floor (perhaps due to requests to "come through" for Bill Cosby when he's taking deposition questions with regards to a woman he allegedly assaulted), it's time to ponder whether or not televised repeats of THE COSBY SHOW will drift towards oblivion, with further decline in its revenue stream.

I'm guessing THE COSBY SHOW will continue to be viewed somewhere in the world every day--though it may now be regarded more as a curio of its era (the 80s was big on TV which, lessons to young people aside, espoused IT'S GREAT TO BE RICH!)--credited with reviving the then-almost-dead sitcom genre.

Perhaps the most important legacy of COSBY is the popularity of diverse family sitcoms on Disney/ABC: blackish, FRESH OFF THE BOAT and DR. KEN.

But, with regards to Ms. Pulliam and Mr. Warner, the diminishment of THE COSBY SHOW is due to the alleged behavior of Bill Cosby himself (keep in mind Cosby's settlement with Andrea Constand), plus the smear-the-complainants repugnance orchestrated by Cosby and his attorneys.

In any event, Bill Cosby has now done a lot (though inadvertently) to embolden the victimized (in this and other cases involving Show Business figures--named or not) to speak out on issues of sexual harassment, rape and coercion by way of unintentional drug intake.

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