Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Jesse Eisenberg works out his film-critic aversion issues in THE NEW YORKER.

Actor/author/playwright Jesse Eisenberg just had his intended-as-humorous piece about a film reviewer as hapless-wannabe-loser in THE NEW YORKER:

Here's a link to a past encounter between Eisenberg and a Univision reviewer Romina Puga on a film junket for the first NOW YOU SEE ME:

From the same junket with MTV Canada's Rich Wilkinson:
And here's Eisenberg displaying discomfort with Comic-Con (using the word "genocide" which he later walked back) while doing press for THE END OF THE TOUR (plus a dig at the press):

It's understandable that actors can be irritated when junketeers either insist on doing personality schtick or want to throw out "gonna getcha angry" inquiries.  Or if they feel print reviewers are inadequate and/or know next to nothing about films/film history/the particular film of the actor being reviewed--or, as implied in Eisenberg's NEW YORKER piece, desire to be secretly unethical.

But few of them get the privilege of having smirky ripostes published in prestigious magazines.

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