Monday, December 7, 2015

The Donald Trump Rorschach Test.

The campaign began with language advocating a "wall" to bar entry of illegal/undocumented Mexican immigrants.  Today, it got uglier: a raspy Donald Trump desiring to bar another race/religious group (containing many law-abiding, non-extremist Islamic citizens of this and other nations) from entry into the United States.

Here's the Rorschach Test question:
Do you consider Donald Trump's remarks:
A. Fascism
B. Hate speech
C. Bigotry
D. Reminiscent of Nazi Germany
E. Communicating in conservative "talk radio host" language
F. A passive-aggressive wish to be driven out of the 2016 Presidential race
that he may have--at first--entered just as a way of expanding the Trump Brand
G. Upping the "outrageous remarks" ante when he believes his poll numbers are slipping
H. A "tough" rebuttal to President Obama's measured Sunday night televised speech
I. An ominous forecast of a media focus-pulling third-party candidacy To Be Announced

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