Monday, June 13, 2016

The post-Orlando quiz.

1. What will the National Rifle Association response be:
a. "This tragedy is being politicized"
b. "If everyone had been armed with AR-15s in that club, there wouldn't have been a tragedy"

2. How soon will the U.S. bomb an ISIS target in retaliation:
a. Within 48 hours
b. Within 24-36 hours

3. How much time per day will cable news devote to Donald Trump comments on this:
a. at least 2 hours
b. 4-6 hours
c. wall-to-wall until Hillary Clinton makes statement criticizing Trump comments

4. True or False: Most Americans retain at least some memories of Friday's interfaith service (Islam/Christianity/Judaism/Buddhism/Native American) in honor of Muhammad Ali.

5. Guess the number of neocons who will turn to condemning violence against the LGBTQ communities since it can be used as a pro-regime change talking point.

6. Guess the likelihood of either a new assault weapons ban or a limitation on bullets per magazine even being considered before "you can't get the votes" op-eds and Republican obstructionists respond.

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