Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Passing along information re books by rock author Ken Sharp.

Printing this e-mail in its entirety:


Please help me to "Play On"... 

Working on a new album and really excited by our progress but trying to keep it going is a tough haul financially...

Here's how you can help...Come check out my web site, for a selection of my books and email me at if interested in any of them. These include all three volumes of my sold out "Play On! Power Pop Heroes" volumes, the sold out Cheap Trick book and others.

Many are now officially sold out and but I have a small batch of personal copies and will make them available for what they sold for plus shipping.

I also have a few softback/hardback copies of "Eric Carmen: Marathon Man," a biography I co-penned on Eric, which sells for ridiculous money on ebay; one copy is up for sale at over $900. These are both signed and unsigned by Eric.

All proceeds will go toward offsetting the cost of recording new songs for my album...

I'd be grateful if you'd consider sharing this info with any like minded music fans.

Thanks for all.

Best Regards,


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