Sunday, January 29, 2017

Some ruminations about yesterday.

1. I recall some in my generation who believed (and likely still believe) their Christian denomination's version of Christianity (Christ is the only Savior and non-Christians will all go to Hell).  Presumably, most of them voted for Donald Trump and believe the Muslim ban/refugee freeze (enacted Friday and throwing the US into chaos on Saturday) is a righteous casting out of Satanic terrorists or would-be terrorists from the nation--the sweet-smelling poison attracting allegedly Good Americans to the recycled Trump/Bannon phrase America First.

2.  Part of the evil genius of Trump and his followers was to throw out this explosive Executive Order on a Friday, leaving a lot of government officials plus Senators/Representatives flat-footed and unable to effectively respond to this tyranny.

3. I heard the word "transactional" used to describe one of the various GOP factions (tax breaks, deregulation, oil/gas expansion, "strict constructionist" Supreme Court appointees) willing to tolerate Donald Trump as President as long as he delivers on their wish list items.

4. There's no doubt that Donald Trump fulfills a notion of fast impulsive Toughness for the fan base who enjoyed/participated in the violent shut-them-up rallies of his candidacy.  But President Trump is neither wise nor smart--and one hopes that his lack of these leadership necessities will (sooner than later) lead to a premature move from Washington DC back to Trump Tower.

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