Saturday, February 3, 2007

It's a consensus world!

In 1992, I went to my 15th high school reunion in Electra, TX and told a former classmate about listening to Nirvana.  I said this in a positive way; the former classmate gave me a blank stare.

Now, as I head into my late 40s, it's sad to contemplate how many people in my age group has given up on the music they've grown up with.  And it's also depressing that the recording industry has apparently insisted that older rock/pop artists record nothing but "standards" albums to secure or keep their contracts.

I'm listening to Art Garfunkel sing "Let's Fall in Love" as this entry is being typed.

Please, America, show Art Garfunkel you belatedly care about his solo career.  Buy copies of BREAKAWAY, WATERMARK and any greatest-hits compilations release to date.  Don't let him morph into Rod Stewart and crank out four of these "standards" albums in a row.

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