Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bill Maher interview in TIME.

Here's an interview with Bill Maher from TIME (thanks to Jeffrey Wells for originally posting the link on his HOLLYWOOD ELSEWHERE blog):,8599,1594262,00.html?iid=feed-arts_ad

Unfortunately, the GO AWAY culture Maher mentions at the end of the interview never will go away.  In the year 2007, sensitivity and the desire for "decorum" are used as tools to shut up and shut down people with contrary opinions.

In short, people in the arts/media bring their daily work habits to bear on their avocations (i.e. poetry/literature communities).  This means that the culture of neutral language and bloodless termination can now be found 24/7.

P.S.  Rent the flawed but watchable DIXIE CHICKS: SHUT UP AND SING documentary to see an interesting example of the above when a Lipton Tea exec tries to neutral-language the company's way out of a sponsorship with the Chicks after Natalie Maines' "ashamed the President is from Texas" comment in London circa 2003.

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