Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Chris Richardson and Simon Cowell on last night's IDOL.

Apparently there's controversy about how Simon Cowell allegedly rolled his eyes after AMERICAN IDOL contestant Chris Richardson mentioned the Virginia Tech tragedy on last night's show during the judges-comments portion.  Simon later issued a statement that the eye-rolling only related to him talking to Paula Abdul about Richardson defending consciously-nasal "country" singing.

And Cowell's sincere mention of the tragedy later on seems to have been forgotten by those looking for more celebrity missteps to complain about.

But it's tempting to roll one's eyes about Chris Richardson seeming to use a sympathetic statement on Monday's tragic killings as a blatant "win the crowd" tactic after being taken to task for a subpar vocal performance.

I hope this isn't being too cynical about someone's motives, but it would have been more appropriate if Richardson had made his statement before performing, rather than afterwards.

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  1. Well written Terry & I agree, both about Simon's reaction to Chris Richardson, as well as the questionable sincerity of Chris Richardson's statement.