Tuesday, April 3, 2007


I'm going to resist the temptation to rant about how poetry only gets the month of April for national recognition--and then, only for upscale chain bookstores to sell "classic" poets to their customers.

Also, I'll resist the temptation to rant about the mass audience not being as brilliant as those poets who prefer the purity of obscurity (only sharing their work with the few people who "get it" and not daring to leave their home cities to go on tour). 

And I'll especially resist the temptation to rant about the literary-world pinata known as Oprah's Book Club.  Say what you will about Oprah's micromanagement, her pompous vocalese (JULIAAAAA ROBERRRTSSSSS!) and billionaire ego, the staff of OPRAH  manage to occasionally select books/authors worthy of a wider audience; the current pick is Cormac McCarthy's THE ROAD.

For those reading this entry who haven't bought books of poetry or attended readings, I recommend you give both options a try this month.  If you don't like the poetry you buy or the reading(s) you attend, don't give up.  Remember, poetry comes in different forms and styles; it's worth the time and effort to connect with the poems and poets waiting for your attention and approval.


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