Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sarah Silverman on Paris and MTV Movie Awards.

From a sort-of-edgy kiss-kiss exchange between Sarah Silverman and George Wayne in the current VANITY FAIR--Sarah offers insight into her future fang-and-talon attack for laughs re Britney Spears' subpar appearance on the MTV VMAs.

George Wayne: Everything I read about you seems to call you "the hostile comedienne."

Sarah Silverman: I am not hostile or mean.  You made a good point about the MTV [movie] awards.  I was great, but I was out of my element.  You are forced to talk about pop culture and make jokes about specific people and things.  My comedy is a lot more general. [keep in mind that THE SARAH SILVERMAN PROGRAM airs on Viacom property Comedy Central and MTV is another Viacom property]

George Wayne:  I was upset that you so took on the poor hapless victim Paris Hilton.  Not that I am a fan of Paris Hilton's, but it wasn't in good karma.

Sarah Silverman-If I had gone out there and not done a joke about Paris Hilton right before she was to go to prison, then I would have been considered a cop-out.  Whether you like it or not, she is an icon of pop culture.  I had to do the strongest joke, and I had no idea she would go to the MTV Movie Awards two days before prison.  When I did the setup, the crowd went insane.  My heart just sank for her, and when I looked in the audience and saw some guy with a camera right up in her face, it was sad but I couldn't not move on.  I went on with the joke.  And she is a tough cookie, too.

Update (10/3/07): Sarah, on THE VIEW, repeated the above defense, saying that she didn't do jokes re Britney not done on late-night comedy series.

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