Thursday, January 14, 2010

Talking about my generation--and their responses.

Posted this as a status update to Facebook earlier today:
I'm sorry to say this--but I'm still having a hard time with people I know from high school being suckers for right-wing propaganda and putting heads in the Tea Party sand.

Received a response saying (in essence) that I drank liberal Kool-Aid.

Then I posted the following:
Don't think that I drank Kool-Aid. I find things to disagree with both on left and right. Just think that the Republcans should do something besides supporting passive-aggressive fascism, yelling SHUT HIM UP! re Obama and ousting people who might dare to have more moderate views. Saying it again--too many people I've known in high school and at [Midwestern State University] in Wichita Falls have turned into adults who don't ask questions and turn too much of their lives over to other people because "they know more than we do." And they don't do their chidren and grandchildren any favors when they just expect their values to be unanimously followed and, in some cases, don't love them when they [their children and grandchildren] may turn out differently.

Received some serious responses from people I've known about Obama's danger to the "American Way of Life", "Obama sucks", and that the Left started all the mudslinging. Then, the posts became more jokey since jokes are a great way to neutralize opinions people think are Wrong.

You've just heard the pulse of the nation courtesy of certain members of the high school graduating classes of 1976 and 1977--and 1979 as well.

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