Monday, February 15, 2010

RIP to Doug Fieger of The Knack.

Was a bit saddened to hear Chris Carter announce the death-from-cancer of Doug Fieger (frontman of the power-pop band The Knack) on yesterday's edition of BREAKFAST WITH

Here's Fieger's page on the Internet Movie Database:

"My Sharona" was The Knack's biggest hit (from its 1979 debut album GET THE KNACK)--and one that momentarily reactivated the band
in the 1990s when included in the Ben Stiller/Winona Ryder/Ethan Hawke/Janeane Garafolo
GenX-comedy-of-manners REALITY BITES.

[Less remembered now is the hostility The Knack endured from 1979-1980 for perceived sexism/lasciviousness in certain song lyrics and "all they are is hype" backlash from the music press (ROLLING STONE was a key player--publishing lip-licking tidbits like a "Nuke The Knack" slogan making the rounds).]

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