Sunday, April 11, 2010

Malcolm McLaren's life and death as interpreted by The Rooster From Wooster.

After a recent sort-of-detente on my part regarding Victor Infante's pop culture writings, I printed the above link so readers could enjoy a sort of one-dimensional portrait of controversial music impresario Malcolm McLaren--who left the Earth last week at the age of 64.

Get a load of the following passage (with some highlighting by me):
"But, yeah. I guess I have a bit of a fascination with rock's abrasive, manipulative, behind-the-scenes figures, the ones who know how to sell the music and are neither afraid nor ashamed to. Of course, I prefer them from a distance, as I can never stand people like that in real life, but perhaps, in the shaping of culture, there's both room and occasional need for the public asshole. Maybe a few evils really are necessary, as unpleasant as that seems. It's never a simple equation, is it? Art is much more complicated than that, as are people."

Having been on the receiving end of an upbraiding by Victor "I will not engage you" Infante the culture-shaping commando, I'm curious if he paused to recognize any inherent ironies when writing the above.

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