Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm sorry for what I did; please let this punishment end.

Since it's National Poetry Month, I'd like to publicly wish for Steve Ramirez and Ben Trigg to allow me to again be a patron of their Wednesday readings at the Ugly Mug [in Orange, CA]. I misbehaved one time in 2004 and have been 86ed by them plus the owner since. I'm sorry that the incident happened and will never repeat it in the ...future. In the interest of true poetry community, please lift this lengthy ban on my attendance.

[UPDATE 4/9/10: The above was posted to my Facebook page; copies were sent to Steve and Ben privately. Silence. So I added the following to the original Facebook message:
Sad to see silence regarding the above statement. It's National Poetry Month; perhaps some kind of forgiveness and/or amnesty should be shown in poetry communities throughout the nation. Otherwise, we sound rather hollow and inauthentic when using the phrase "the poetry community." ]

[UPDATE 4/17/10: Still banned from the Ugly Mug. No end in sight.]

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