Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mel Gibson then and now.

I posted this on Facebook last night:
Was a stand-in for Joe Pesci on LETHAL WEAPON 3. Never met Mel but he was mostly subdued and seemed to only speak to his male assistant. There was one day (filming at the Warner Ranch inside the interior Murtaugh house set) when work stopped for Jeffrey Boam to do some rewriting--and Mel, Darlene Love and other crewpeople sat around talking to each other. Normal behavior from him on that occasion. One day, a boy accompanied by parents came to the set (assuming it was a meet-and-greet sort of thing). Mel had lunch with him (during the regular cast-and-crew break) and was cordial.

So, no forebodings of bad behavior to come--which began surfacing a few years later when his homophobic comments appeared in the U.S. press.

We're witnessing a spectacular and horrifying implosion of soneone consumed by a plethora of demons.
[UPDATE 7/12/10: Here's another of the leaked-to-RadarOnline tapes of Mel arguing at high R-rated volume with Oksana, with the most ugly statements coming in the final portion--]

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