Sunday, July 25, 2010

My generation wants quick, bigoted, simple solutions to illegal immigration.

Saw this on Facebook; this bit of spew came from a person (not a Facebook friend, but on a thread started by someone who is) I went to Electra (TX) High School with--topic concerns Latin-American departures from Arizona to avoid the "show your papers" law:
That's ok, let New Mexico's crime rate and Medicaid costs go out of control and see how long they want more Illegals. Damn it's tough when everyone has to work within the law. Somehow being anything other than white has translated into the law applies to everyone except us.

Get all illegals out, white, black, brown. Maybe eventually my taxes will reflect I will be supporting only one other family besides mine instead of 2 or 3!
I'd like to think that not all the fathers of Electra, TX raised their sons to turn out like the middle-aged male (name omitted here) who posted the above adventure in non-thinking.
But I'm aware that more than a few of these parents harbored prejudices and passed them on without a second of thought or regret or awareness of disconnect with the Christianity they professed to believe in.

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