Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My dream about Tina Fey.

I'm looking forward to reading the upcoming Tina Fey article in THE NEW YORKER that discusses her tenure as writer/Head Writer on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (Tina and Steve Martin are soon to do a two-authors-converse gig at LA LIVE's Nokia Theatre).

It caused me to have this dream:
Tina Fey's in producer Lorne Michaels' office.

Lorne tells Tina: "Tina, SNL's now a show for kids.  You think a fourteen-year-old boy wants intelligent comedy?"

Tina, again aware of the realities of mainstream show business, sadly leaves Lorne's office.

Meanwhile in the writers' room, the Jimmy Fallon-as-Leatherman sketch (where Fallon wears a leather suit for the edification of guest host Brittany Murphy) is being pitched.

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