Sunday, November 13, 2011

THE LOS ANGELES TIMES and its Calendar section have a problem with wanting censorship of adult TV series.,0,6941140.story

At the LOS ANGELES TIMES, it seems like the paper's Calendar (entertainment) section has a certain preference, no matter who happens to be running the section.

If you disapprove of certain kinds of entertainment/entertainers, yes, you can get a big think-piece article in
Calendar.  Around 1999, Eric Harris had a shining-star moment with a "STAR WARS is racist" story capitalizing on the controversial Jar Jar Binks character in THE PHANTOM MENACE.  More recently, Mary McNamara took the vapors over too much "gratuitous" nudity in HBO series, including BOARDWALK EMPIRE (singled out for "savage violence" by Greg Braxton in the article linked to above):

Poor naive, stupid me: I believe that implicit/explicit calls to "clean up TV" should have died years ago.

If viewers want to watch "gratuitous savage" television programming intended for adult audiences, then it should be their privilege--a privilege that Greg Braxton and Mary McNamara have no business in writing faux-morality tch-tch, cluck-cluck articles to discourage (as well as implicitly encouraging government/FCC to become a 21st-century Hays Office).

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