Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Explaining poetry-as-literature to outsiders: one person's definition of the Pushcart Prize.

"It’s difficult to articulate just how important the Pushcart Prize has become to poets today. One doesn’t even have to win it. Just being nominated can be a huge boost for a writer, at least in the short term. In discussing the prospect of Radius ceasing to submit to the Pushcart, I’ve had writers tell me how much the nomination gave them fuel for their next project, or how receiving their first nomination helped give them the confidence to move on with their work. That’s no small thing. If the Pushcart can have that sort of impact on talented writers even by its proximity, then there must be something to it. Even if pursuing the Prize is Quixotic. There’s something indelible in that moment, and that’s something worthy of respect".--Victor Infante, from his RADIUS article about continuing to forward poets for Pushcart Prize nominations even in the face of a Pushcart majordomo looking down on online poetry zine submissions

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