Friday, July 27, 2012


Monarchy still means a lot
To so many of us here in PoetryLand
Honor the same names, same faces
Of those who haven't moved away
Or changed their addresses
To the Great Reading Room in the Sky
Stardust is bestowed on just a few
The bar of belonging is set very high
Except when it isn't
Just be quiet and wait for a turn
That may never come
For reasons you'll never be allowed to know
We must show the kind of humility
Towards our anointed elders and youngers
That singer Julius LaRosa allegedly
Failed to show to Arthur Godfrey
Sixty years past
It was vitally important at the time
And made all the front pages
When Julie was cast out
Of the TV kingdom called TALENT SCOUTS
But Julie and Arthur were drowned
In the sea of Posterity--
Something that the glittering poets
Of Today know
Will never happen to them.

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