Saturday, March 9, 2013

It can't be said too often: I hate it when people in show biz scream at coworkers big and small.

So there's this smart, funny and successful female comedy star who now headlines her own network series (name withheld since I still subscribe to her Twitter account)--and she said this recently:
[Name Withheld] credited exec producer [male name withheld] with teaching her how to just be. “He showed me how to be a leader, that I don’t need to scream constantly and that people will listen to me when I’m the boss”.

It's sad to read stuff like this.  When I was doing my background actor (extra) and stand-in work in the late 80s to late 90s, I was screamed at by both men and women (fortunately, just a few times over a nine-year period).  And you're supposed to take it in and somehow work harder to do everything Just Right without displaying any kind of visible/verbal emotional reaction. 

Perhaps, in some instances, it's not that you've made the kind of mistake that requires a Defcon-4 magnitude response from an actor/assistant director/production assistant/cinematographer/grip/gaffer.  It's just that you're in their immediate vicinity, you're powerless and can be screamed at partially because the screamer doesn't choose to the contents of his/her psychic colostomy bag onto someone of equal or greater status (that could cause him/her to lose his/her job).

So my hope is that the television comedy star who has to contend with the understandably huge stress of creating, co-writing and starring (plus dealing with ratings-conscious network executives who think they're just as creative) in her own series will gradually learn not to scream at all, for her and her co-workers' sake.

And wishing the same to men in the Business too.

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