Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New poem on Avril Lavigne song HELLO KITTY.

Avril Lavigne sings Hello Kitty
somewhere in Tokyo
(I know it's Tokyo
since the city still has Tower Records)
with young Japanese women
as her chorus line
Avril kicks the air,
chopping away the years
since she's been a real teenager
like redwood trees in a forest,
counting backwards from 29 to 16
with every dance step
and you can almost see her thoughts
like those animated white word balloons
in the old VH-1 POP-UP VIDEOS show
gotta stay relevant
gotta get ahead of Miley
gotta new single that sounds like Kpop
gotta be edgyedgyedgy
certainly, she's gotta be viral
and obviously, she is
since I'm writing this bystander poem
about her new single Hello Kitty
the way I once wrote a poem
about Miley's Wrecking Ball

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