Wednesday, May 21, 2014

JEOPARDY helps determine which authors survive posthumously.

Quoted from Noreen Malone's THE NEW REPUBLIC profile of JEOPARDY host Alex Trebek:
"Today's games feature far fewer questions in subjects like philosophy or classical music, statistically the most difficult categories."
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"According to head writer Billy Wisse, "Jeopardy!" is merely adjusting along with the evolving canon.  His team needs to write the games so that contestants will still have a shot at knowing the answers; just as important, they have to ensure that the people playing along at home still get to feel good about their intellects.  "They don't know as much about Theodore Dreiser as they used to," Wisse said.  "It's sad, but it's so big that it seems a shame to mourn for it.  There's not much anyone can do.""

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