Sunday, May 25, 2014

Film blogger Devin Faraci on Marvel, Disney and ANT-MAN.

Excerpted from Devin Faraci blog post:
"Marvel's always been autocratic - this is the house that (Kevin) Feige built, and he's been leading it with an iron fist - but things have been getting uglier over there for some time, especially now that Disney is getting involved. Why would the studio fuck with the division that's making money and having a huge cultural impact right when they're at their best? Because of dumb egos. Hollywood is dumb, run by dumb, venal people, and the executives who aren't creative resent the people who are, and want to get their stink on the movies. And you have to understand that Disney doesn't care about the movies - they want the Marvel IP so they can sell diapers and shirts and bedsheets. The movies are just commercials for the IP."

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