Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Unmemorable music of 2014 (to date).

In no specific order:
1. Chrissie Hynde--STOCKHOLM: One good single ("Dark Sunglasses") and the rest is Adult Contemporary mush, with Hynde inexplicably teaming with Peter Bjorn and John (who had one good single a few years back that received play on GREY'S ANATOMY) instead of male and female peers who would inspire her to raise the artistic game.  If you want quality non-Pretenders Chrissie, buy the album she made with JP and The Fairground Boys titled FIDELITY!
2. Roddy Frame--SEVEN DIALS: Rather drowsy I'm-a-morose-pensive-grown-up music with occasional pop hooks.  Doesn't make me want to further listen to Frame's post-Aztec Camera solo career.
3. The Babys--I'LL HAVE SOME OF THAT: Contains what might be the most tacky-and-sexist (woman clothed, but bending over in a manner that will please the ad agency that does the women-as-stupid-comedic-foils Jack In The Box commercials) CD label you'll see this year.  No John Waite and Jonathan Cain, but two original members remain in this reincarnation concocting mediocre "new" product to sell.  Nothing approaching the band's 70s-era AM-radio catchiness.

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